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GINO's origins begin at Cambridge University, England in 1965 when Charles Lang and Peter Woodsford began developing a general purpose graphics software package written in the Systems Assembly Language (SAL) on an ATLAS2 computer. GINO (Graphical INput and Output) was designed as a 3D package right from the outset, thus removing any complexities of trying to add a 3rd dimension to a 2D graphics package later on, and along with the criteria of being machine and device-independent, has enabled it to grow and adapt in a variety of directions always keeping pace with new IT technologies. GINO was re-written in FORTRAN in 1972 and a C/C++ version has been available since 1995. It has been implemented on the smallest 8-bit micro computers right up to the largest 64-bit CRAY supercomputers, with many 16-bit and 32-bit machines in between. With the addition of the GUI products and Web-graphics technologies, GINO goes from strength to strength attracting a new and wide variety of customer all the time.


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