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Founded in 1999, AutomatedQA's guiding principle has been to be wholly focused on engineering affordable and feature-rich developer tools and quality assurance technologies, and on providing our users with fast and accurate product support each and every day.

But what, exactly, does affordable and feature-rich mean? It means bang-for-the-buck. It means that our solutions tend to cost a fraction of what the market leaders charge, while offering more features. A good example of this is our automated testing tool, TestComplete. Some of our competitors will offer a variety of tools, depending on whether you want GUI testing, unit testing or load testing. Each of these tools will cost a substantial amount. TestComplete, on the other hand, supports all three of these major types of testing, and two more, in one product, for considerably less. It's this sort of affordability and feature list that led Joel Spolsky, of to say, "AutomatedQA's TestComplete is a great product and just as capable as the market leader at less than one-tenth the price. Why would anybody pay $6000 per seat for test automation?".


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Auttaaksemme ja parantaaksemme sijoitustasi tuotteisiimme, me olemme täysin sitoutuneet antamaan sinulle hyvää ja nopeaa tukea. Vaikka olisit aloittelija tai testaamisen veteraani.

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